• Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

    Dear Sirs!
    Please accept most cordial congratulations from «Geoinformation Systems» UE of The NAS of Belarus on Christmas and New Year 2019!

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    science Year

    Year 2017 has been declared by Executive Order № 481 of The President of The Republic of Belarus dated December 23th, 2016, as the Year of Science. This has been done in order to drive the increasing status and roll of Science in the execution of the social and economic development objectives of our country as well as an initiative for creating and promoting the required favorable conditions to keep the scientific potential of The Republic of Belarus.

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    Our 20th Anniversary!

    The Scientific and Engineering Republican Unitary Enterprise "Geoinformation Systems" was funded according to Ordinance № 62 of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus dated of June 27, 1996 and its business premises were distributed according to the existing laboratories and divisions of the Institute of Technical Cybernetics (ITC of NAS of Belarus), that were dedicated to developments in the field of digital mapping and GIS technologies. Our enterprise was prescribed to Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 2002. Founder's rights were assigned to the State Scientific Institution known as The United Institute of Informatics Problems of The NAS of Belarus in 2007, an enterprise associated to the physics, mathematics and informatics division of The NAN of Belarus. The Unitary Enterprise "Geoinformation Systems" is an state legal entity to whom has been transferred the operative control of all the ground facilities of the Belarusian Space System for Earth Remote Sensing (BSSERS).
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    Forming of plan space exposure in 2016

    The National operator of the Belorussean Space System of the distance explore of the Earth has begin forming of the plan space rxposure in 2016.
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    The Unitary Enterprise «Geoinformation Systems» had been received an honour professional title «THE LEADER OF BRANCH INDUSTRY-2014»

    The Unitary Enterprise «Geoinformation Systems» had been occupied of the 25th place amoung the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus (scientific research and exploits in the relam of natural and technical sciences) in sum of indices of financial-economic activity.
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    The seminar has been held named “The experience of the ERS data implementation”

    On 04.12.2014 at the UE "Geoinformation Systems" the seminar was held, devoted to the experience of the Earth remote sensing (ERS) data implementation.
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