• The Belarusian Ground Acquisition, Processing and Satellite Data Dissemination System has been implemented on the basis of the following systems and technological solutions:

    – The Data Acquisition System;
    – The BSSERS Planning and Control System;
    – The System for Thematic Processing of Earth Observation (EO) Data;
    – The Data Repository of Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DRDTED) with archival information;
    – The BSSERS Corporate Local Area Network (LAN).

    The Data Acquisition System contains three receiving stations, which allow the acquisition and registration of the relevant data flows from different satellites as NOAA, Terra, Monitor-E, Meteor-M №1, the BS, Canopus-V №1 and other future space vehicles.

    The incoming Earth remote sensing data are real-time recorded on the hard disks of the acquisition and logging system.

    The acquired raw data passes through LAN communication channels and enter the pre-processing system for generation of the relevant quicklooks and its relevant storage in the DRDTED.