• The Belarusian Satellite (BS) and Canopus-V №1 Space Vehicle were developed by the NPP VNIIEM JSC, and were successfully launched into orbit on July 22, 2012 and today is in normal operation status.

    According to agreement between The Russian Federal Space Agency and The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus "On the order and conditions for the intended use and control of BS/ Canopus-V №1 Satellite Constellation" was created a joined orbital grouping (OG). On the basis of this agreement were developed several organizational and technical documents, which allow both parties the concerted use of the resources of both satellites in their own interest.

    The explotaition of the joined OG is also used by the Russian and Belarusian ground facilities, including their Ground Control Systems (GCS) and Ground Acquisition and Processing System (GAPS).